How you and your church can help refugees find a home in your local community

Demonstrating the tangible love of Jesus through Australia's new community refugee sponsorship program

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The world is facing an unprecedented global refugee crisis.

Millions are fleeing the impacts of war and persecution.
And although we may not be able to help all refugees - God calls us all to help those we can.

Australia’s new community sponsorship programme is a unique opportunity to demonstrate the tangible love of Jesus by helping refugees find a home in local communities across Australia.

The Welcome Home Project provides a pathway for you and your church to get involved.


“The refugee crisis in our world is still unprecedented. I know that we can’t help all refugees. But I do know that all Christians are called to help. That is why I am so excited to be commending to you The Welcome Home Project.
Rev. Tim Costello
Director of Micah & Patron of the NAYBA Board
"I warmly and enthusiastically commend to you The Welcome Home Project as a way of demonstrating the love of Christ with our sleeves rolled up. What is wonderful about it is not simply providing needs but building relationships. It’s not just about giving to people but knowing them. It’s a small way to make a huge difference."
Bishop Peter Lin
Anglican Bishop of South Western Sydney
The Welcome Home Project is a wonderful initiative empowering Christians to extend the hand of welcome and support to refugees seeking to find stability, solace and a new life in Australia. The project will help Christians demonstrate our commitment to Christ’s teachings of mercy and the inherent dignity of every human being, by providing practical help to these families and individuals seeking to plant roots in a new land. I hope many Churches and Christians hop on board as we work together to build communities of hope and unity.
Gershon Nimbalker
National Director of Common Grace
"'Welcome home' – words that warm every heart when they are delivered with love and accompanied by action. They are words that those who’ve ‘come across the seas’ long to hear. Jesus told his followers to welcome the stranger. This is why ACL is so pleased to support The Welcome Home Project."
Wendy Francis
Acting CEO of the Australian Christian Lobby
I will never forget in the 1980’s my parents sharing their lives in welcoming Vietnamese refugees. Our family was blessed in immeasurable ways. For those of us who, in and through Jesus Christ, have experienced the life-transforming welcome of God, extending hospitality to others – especially the ‘stranger’, honours God as we bless others. As we do, strangers become friends, and together our lives are enriched.

I cannot commend The Welcome Home Project highly enough.
Stu Cameron
CEO of Wesley Mission
The people of the nations add such value to our nation, and to our lives. As Christians, we should have arms wide open and hearts wide open for refugees in particular. This is love in action. We do the things that Jesus did, for the reason that he did them. What a magnificent opportunity The Welcome Home Project provides to embrace and welcome some beautiful brothers and sisters from across the world.
Miriam Gluyas
Australian Territorial Commander of The Salvation Army

Biblical mandate

We may not be able to help all refugees - but God calls us all to help those we can.

as a model

Community refugee sponsorship was first started in Canada over 40 years ago as the result of advocacy from faith groups. Since that time over 325,000 refugees have been settled through the programme. Faith communities have continued to do the bulk of the heavy lifting, with 90 out of 120 community sponsorship organisations in Canada today being faith-based.

Now it's
Australia's turn

In December 2021, the Australian government announced the Community Refugee Integration and Settlement Pilot (CRISP). The programme allows groups of volunteers to sponsor and settle refugees in their community, providing 12 months of practical hands-on support to a refugee household from their date of arrival in Australia.

Community Refugee
Sponsorship Australia

Community Refugee Sponsorship Australia (CRSA) is the organisation responsible for community sponsorship in Australia – and runs the CRISP program.


Our Process

The Welcome Home Project provides a pathway to engage
with community sponsorship of refugees through CRSA

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Stage 1: Get informed

Download the Catalyst Guide and attend an information session

Stage 2: Get prepared

Start forming a group and help your church get involved

Stage 3: Get going

Start the process with CRSA by filling in an intention to apply form

To get started, click the below button and fill out your details.
You’ll receive the Catalyst Guide by email with the all the next steps.


Story of Gold Coast Group, QLD

Carrie Unser reflects on what she’s learning while taking part in the community refugee sponsorship program and putting justice for refugees into action.


Story of the Goulburn Group, NSW

Watch the full interview with John and Ian from Goulburn, NSW. Their group were one of the first to sponsor a family through the CRISP program.


Background Information
Key background information on community refugee sponsorship.
Theological Underpinning
Explore the key Biblical principles that underpin welcoming refugees.
Whole congregation framework
Learn how you can take your whole congregation on the journey with you.
Next Steps
Find out how you can learn more in an info session or sign up to get started with CRSA.

Catalyst Guide developed by Naomi Chua of Embrace Sanctuary with support from NAYBA

Download the
Catalyst Guide

The Catalyst Guide will help you through the first stage of the process.

It includes background information on community refugee sponsorship, key Biblical principles that underpin welcoming refugees, and advice on taking your whole church community on the journey with you.

Click below to receive a copy via email now.

Resources developed by Naomi Chua of Embrace Sanctuary Australia with support from NAYBA Australia